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creative commercial photographer & Videographer

Mike Brown is a Houston-native & Seattle-transplant content creator who has lived the #vanlife, travelled cross-country and captured America’s most iconic & hidden landscapes.

Known as Nomad Pixels, his art embodies the strenuous self-journey he’s embarked  – off the beaten path, non-traditional, with an adventure always at hand. The ultimate decision to be nomadic stemmed from a passion to live life to the fullest, unsatisfied with the regular status quo.

Mike’s pursuit of art, philanthropy and love come from the mental freedom that this journey has brought on. This is the life he continues to promote and hopefully inspire others to live.    

With over 15 years of experience in getting the shot, Mike is formally educated yet experientially trained and dedicated to the uniqueness of each image.

Inquire below for Photography, Writing & Videography freelance requests or any image not on the Prints page

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